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I have been interested in Amateur Radio since about the age of 11. I was first licensed in May 1981 with the class B callsign G6IEV. In 1986, I passed my Morse Test, and got the class A callsign G0AKH. I have been a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and my local club, the Saltash and District Amateur Radio Club (SADARC) since I first 'caught the radio bug'.

My main interest within amateur radio is the Worked All Britain Awards (WAB) program. WAB has recently had to revise all it's awards due to local government changes here in the UK, and to that end, I have the job of Boundary Changes Liaison Officer, also serving on the WAB Committee. I have written a WAB record keeping program that runs on IBM PCs and compatible computers running Windows 3.1 and later, as well as a WAB Contest log keeping program, which links with the WAB-IT program. The WAB-IT Program enables you to keep track of all the areas/bookholders/rateable districts etc. that you hear or work (All WAB Awards are available to Short Wave Listeners as well as licensed Amateurs), and the WAB-IT CONTEST program scores your entries for WAB Contests. See my Worked All Britain Page for more information on WAB, my WABEMA Page for more information on the WABEMA Award, and information about different WAB Areas specifically for Mobile stations to use, my WAB-IT Page for details of my WAB-IT program, my WAB-IT CONTEST Page for details of my WAB-IT CONTEST program, or use the link below to the WAB Home Page, maintained by Norman G1NTW.

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