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Anagram Genius

Take a look at the Anagram Genius Archive too. This lists loads of anagrams created both by hand, and by users of the Anagram Genius software.
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Crossword Maestro

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Crossword Compiler by Antony Lewis

Crossword Compiler is a crossword making assistant for Windows 95. It can handle blocked and barred type grids, as well as irregular shapes grids. It can automatically fill in all of a grid, or just individual words, and has the facility of a look up clue database. The latest version, version 7.0, will also create interactive crosswords for your web site!

Details of Crossword Compiler by Antony Lewis from: Antony Lewis

Anagram Wizard by Richard Brodie

Anagram Wizard is another anagram creation program for Windows 95. It can cope with a selection of different languages, and is specifically designed to cope with long anagrams.

Details of Anagram Wizard from: Richard Brodie


The Anagrammy Awards

The International Academy of Anagramming Arts and Sciences (IAAAS) presents the Anagrammy Awards for the best anagrams posted to the alt.anagrams newsgroup each month.

Anagrammy Awards FAQ

Anagrammy Awards History

Anagrammy Awards Voting

I have been awarded three Anagrammy Awards for finding the following gems:

June 1998 George Michael = I come, He gargle!
December 1998 The Cerne Giant = Hi! An erect gent!
April 1999 Eurovision Song Contest = I vote on cretinous songs!

Here is a list of Anagrams that I have created and posted to the alt.anagrams newsgroup

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 Check out The Cinema Cometh and Headless Tales sections - hilarious! (and not just because I have entries posted there!)

The Word Play Page - Headless Tales

The Word Play Page - The Cinema Cometh

Here are some more of my entries that were not included:

Headless Tales Appendices

The Cinema Cometh Extras

Stemming from the above, I came up with two other variations:

The All Change Page - 14/03/02

The Two Heads Page - 10/12/00

More Word Play:

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The Fun-With-Words Web Site

The Fun-With-Words site - all sorts of interesting things to do with the English Language: Anagrams, Spoonerisms, Oxymora etc.

The web site - The brain games, puzzles and pastimes website.

Janet's Word-play site

Janet's Word-play Site - Take a guided tour around Janet's country mansion. Visit each room to see what is on offer and generally have a fun time.

Then, of course, there's Channel 4's Countdown program, with the incomparable Carol Vorderman - required viewing!!

Channel 4's Countdown program - facts and figures

Channel 4's Countdown program - facts and figures